Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mama Mia!

Yesterday, I asked DH if he would come home from work and kindly slap me in the face.  The kind of slap that you reserve for those, "What were you thinking?" moments. For example, "Honey, I contacted a real estate agent and went house hunting today. I found a few houses I want you to see." SLAP! "Why would you do that? We aren't settling down here. It took us forever to sell the two houses we did own and we lost a lot of money on one of them. We decided to rent for the next few years."  OR "Honey, I bought an Aston Martin." SLAP! No explanation necessary.*

Well, yesterday it went a little something like this:  Me - "Honey, please slap me in the face when you get home from work for telling my mom we are doing IVF." DH - "I told you so." It all started with a phone call I got from her where she informed me that she had had a "panic attack" over my doctor's appointment yesterday. She was worried that 14 follicles meant 14 babies and what would we do with 14 babies and (get this) "Can they only take out two eggs and fertilize them?" She also made me explain several times over again things I've told her already.  Really? Are these the types of questions I have to field the week before ER/ET?  I have my own concerns to deal with without having to explain the process in detail to someone who clearly hasn't even tried to look up any information on their own and understand it.  Part of me just has to let it go and tell myself that she loves me and is worried. Part of me wants to scream. I'll give you one guess which part is winning.

At any rate, I can't let it bother me. She called again today and started in with her interrogation and I just told her that I couldn't handle her stress on top of my own.  I asked her if she had looked up IVF at all and she admitted that she hadn't. I told her to check out online resources and try to educate herself about the process.  The internet is a mighty powerful thing. Just stop playing Farmville for a few minutes and read about it.

I found out yesterday that my estrogen is 381 and Dr. Awesome RE wants me to double up on my Menopur and I'm done with Follistim.  I go back in tomorrow morning for another follie check/blood draw.  I will be sure to update after!

*Please note: My husband has NEVER raised a hand to me and I do not condone those types of behavior by any means. I use the term in jest and he knows what I mean when I ask for this treatment. It's just me being dramatic.  He does spank sometimes, but that is a completely different post altogether. ;)


  1. Doh! I guess I take for granted that not everyone has to know about these things and how they work.

    I tell my mom everything and I usually end up wishing I hadn't. She gives me a lot of support and love, but that comes with a heck of a lot of questions and comments that I just don't feel like answering over and over!

    Can't wait for the update tomorrow!

  2. Lol I love your disclaimer.
    Sorry your mom is annoying, I think sometimes that moms were made for that.

  3. Sorry, your Mom is causing more stress for you. My problem is more with MIL than with my Mom :) For MIL the whole process is very very difficult to comprehend. My parents actually saw a video on IVF and thereafter my Dad decided that he is a specialist in that field and was trying to teach ME about ICSI. Yep, love them, but sometimes.....

  4. Bless, shes just being a 'Mom'!!

  5. LOL, I love how you and Kara write. :-)
    Sorry your mom is causing more stress! It sounds to me that you're having a VERY normal response. Sounds right on point. I hope she relaxes a bit about it :-) Good luck!! I'm excited for you!!