Friday, March 11, 2011

Follie Check Numero Dos

Happy Friday and can I get a "Thank Jeebus, this week of stimming is coming to an end?!!"  Holy ovaries!  I've been handling things well (for the most part) but these emotions and these ovaries are heavy and intense. 

Yesterday, I had a follie check. Twelve follicles measuring 8.5 to 15.8.  Dr. Awesome RE was giddy with excitement over it all. All of it. My lady parts are "gorgeous" and everything is going "perfectly". Twice, I caught DH rolling his eyes, but I think he's just jealous that nobody is up in his manhood using such terms.  In reality, I just think that my RE has a lot of ladies who don't respond well to the meds and maybe that's why he is so excited over it all. My lining was 10 and that's a great thing, too. They called a few hours laer to say to stay the same course with my Menopur (1mL to two vials of powder = 150mL dosing) and that my estrogen was 915.

Let us briefly review. Nine days ago, my estrogen was 38.  Six days later, it was 358.  Forty eight hours later, it was 915.  To me, that makes laying on the floor of my closet and bawling last night perfectly legit.  Dr. Awesome RE confirmed with DH that me being emotional is a perfectly normal response to all these hormones coursing through my veins. Again, DH rolls his eyes.  I think he'd rather think I was crazy, which would make his less than warm response to my antics justifiable. But I digress. He thinks, I feel. I'm yin, he's yang. I say tomay - toe, he says tomah - toe. And so on and so on.

Last follie check bright and early tomorrow morning!  Will update after!


  1. YES!!!! So true about the estrogen... that's a lot to handle in a short amount of time! Congrats on perfect lady parts!!!

  2. YAY that it is working well!

  3. YES YES YES! You're doing awesome!!