Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Follie Check Numero Uno

Happy Tuesday! I'm back from Florida and burnt to a crisp. I like it. I like it a lot.  Happy to be back home and have so many exciting things coming up! Gonna be PUPO in a little over a week. It's crazy - all this waiting and then everything happens so quickly!

I had my first follie check this morning and according to Dr. Awesome RE, I am responding perfectly. I have 14 measurable follies. Eight in right and 6 in my left. They range from 6.2mm to 10.8mm.  I am waiting to hear the results of my E2 to see if I need to change up my dosage on my medicines.  So far, stimming has been okay. My belly looks like a pin cushion and I have this lovely Lupron bruise to contend with (i.e. try to inject around):

Follistim is very gentle. Menopur burns.  I'm as hormonal as ever. Lucky DH.  This morning I asked him if he had remembered to request off work for Monday.  (My ER is scheduled for that day.)  He responds with, "For what?"  Needless to say, my head spun three times and pea soup went flying. Really? You can't remember what's going on next week?  I can see if it were just a procedure how it might slip his mind, but OUR CHILDREN ARE GOING TO BE CONCEIVED THAT DAY.  Please remember if only for that reason.

Am I crazy to get upset over that?

If your answer is yes, please don't answer.


  1. I would be totally upset about that, but I'm sure my DH would have said the same thing. MEN!!!!!!

    Follie scan sounds good! Can't wait to hear the next update. :)

    Glad you enjoyed your much needed vacation!

  2. How Exciting. Yay for 14 follies!!! My head would have spun too!!!

  3. I would have shot daggers out my eyeballs at him. You're not crazy. :) Dumb question because I can't find it in your abbreviation list--what is PUPO?

  4. Good call, Mel. :) Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. The blissful period between embryo transfer and the first beta when you find out FO SHO if it worked or not.

    Thanks for the support ladies! Men can be pretty clueless sometimes :/

  5. Haha I'm sorry. Unless there's male-factor, I think a lot of partners just don't quite get it because they don't have to live it and breathe it. We got my med schedule - Lupron, Gonal-F, low-dose HCG, whatever else... and all my husband could zero in on was, "WHY do I have to take doxycycline?!" Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry that while I'm sticking my stomach with hormones you'll have to swallow a small oral antibiotic. Jesus. Love him forever, but seriously!

  6. I am so sorry, but I actually did laugh out loud at this post. It was he way you described your reaction, not your dh actually forgetting what day it was. :)