Friday, February 11, 2011

More Strange Sleep Antics

Last night was the first night I can ever remember being afraid to go to sleep.  I stayed up late reading and walked around the house aimlessly in an effort NOT go to bed, but at around midnight I succumbed to my drooping eyelids and sluggish posture.  To bed I went.

DH was already asleep and I curled up next to him and drifted off almost immediately (thank you, Tempur-pedic).  Around 3:30, DS2 came in for a drink of water and I carried him back to bed. I am cognizant of this activity.  At around 5, however, I woke up because I was very hot and uncomfortable and lo and behold!! I am wearing a hoodie, zipped to the top with the hood up over my head. WTH? What's worse, there was the chapstick from the night before in one pocket and a wad of toilet paper in the other. Really?! Interesting...

I posted on facebook about it this morning and received a private message from a fellow infertile (of course, I didn't know she was, but since I outed myself as one in that particular forum, they seem to be coming out of the woodwork).  She asked me if I had started on any of my fertility medicines and that she did some strange things in her sleep when she was on injectibles.  My mystery would be all but solved if this were the case.  I'm still just taking bcp and waiting to start the art of injecting on Tuesday.

So what is going on with this sleepwalking crap?


  1. That is so odd. Maybe its bc you're anxious to start ivf. Your brain is still functioning when you sleep. My dh has REM sleep disorder and does funny things sometimes.
    One time he SCREAMED HIGHYA and then did a karate kick in bed lol, Thats just one of the many funny things he does.

  2. Well that is just no fun to be doing out of the ordinary things in your sleep. Sorry you have had to deal with strange nights. Hoping your can get some peaceful zzzzz's soon.

  3. Three cheers for the tempurpedic! it kind of ruined us for traveling though, because now we can't sleep very well anywhere else.

    I too am finishing up my bcp in preparation for ivf next month. I will be just a few days behind you, actually - very exciting. Have you joined the cycle sister site yet?

    EEEE - can you believe that this long awaited month is finally here?