Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to Make It Through

I've decided this month is just going to drag on relentlessly if I don't come up with a list of things to do while I wait to start stimming in March. It's ridiculous that the shortest month of the year is ALWAYS the longest.  All I have to do as far as TTC is concerned is take my bc and start Lupron injections on the 15th.  I guess I can also enjoy the newfound fun in BDing (although that has nothing to do with conceiving anymore).  So, I'm going to start a list of things to do to get me through this lull.  Some things are fun, others necessary.  In no particular order:

1.  Read 3 books. I'm currently working on Pictures of You by Carol Leavitt.  I don't think I'll include this in the three seeing as how I'm already 100 pages in.  Someone recommended The Hunger Games Trilogy to me and they sound good. After all, a trilogy is three books. Perfect!

2.  I'm going in for laser hair removal. I mentioned it in my last post, but I don't think I was being serious.  Now I am.  I'm calling today for an appointment to get started.  Dr. Awesome RE may not care or appreciate a fresh bush, but I do and it's my bush.  I'll laser it if I want to.

3.  Clean out my closet. Ugh. This one is not fun, but it's necessary. It looks like a cyclone hit it.  Must accomplish this task. Imagine how much better I'll rest in my bed after my embryo transfer if my closet is fresh and cleaned out!

4. Must have a few honest to goodness date nights with DH. For real dinner and movie date nights. Must happen!! I want two. Two dates.

5.  I want to spend some quality time with DS1 and DS2.  Alone time, preferably. I want to be able to concentrate on them and their particular interests and give them my undivided attention.  They mean everything to me and I want them to know how much I love them and how special they are in their own way.

6.  I want to try a new recipe every week for dinner.  I have been in such a rut when it comes to what to make for dinner and I end up making the same things over and over.  I want to find new recipes and try them.  If they are good, I'll post the recipe on here. I kind of already started doing this this week. I made homemade minestrone. It was amazing. I'll post the recipe tomorrow!

I think this list should sufficiently get me through the longest short month of the year. If I stay busy, it'll fly by!


  1. Aub- This is a great idea. I may have to start a few myself bc my 2ww plus is killing me right now. I need some distractions.
    Any good books you could reccomend?

  2. YES HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!! It has the insane ability to take over your life and prevent you from having to think about stressors. It's also like the best book series ever.

  3. Those are great ideas! Reading really helped me keep my mind off of things. I would also recommend massage and acupuncture. :)

  4. If you need recipe ideas, you know who to call!!! And we just cleaned out our closet yesterday. Time consuming, yes, but totally worth the results!! Do it!

  5. February is short but long all at the same time. Your list sounds like a good idea. I might have to try to stick through a few of those things myself. I love making new recipes too - I have found a woman's website that has awesome step by step recipes w/ photos - - she is awesome if you want to check it out.

  6. Great list, friend! If you do all of those things, I just know this month will fly by for you. And I'll be so curious to know how the laser removal goes! I'd love to do that!

  7. Travica - I recommend Water for Elephants, Winter Garden and The Shadow Wife. All good, easy reads!

    Lisa - I forgot that I had bought DH and I a couple's day at a local spa for three different massages. Good call on the massage!

    Sara - I'll check out that website! Thanks!

    Kara - First laser treatment on 2/16! :)

  8. Aub - Great idea to compile a list, and we would want a report at the end of the month! :) Really hoping that February just fly by and you'll get BFP before you know it :).

  9. Yes, keep busy! You will only drive your self completely insane if you don't, Time will soon fly by the more busier you are =)
    Looking forward to reading your recipe, i love making homemade soup (pinch recipes online) Never attempted minestrone. Yum!