Thursday, January 6, 2011

Would You Pull Yourself Together Woman??

I'm not going to lie. I'm pretty much an emotional mess today. I've tried on every single mood there is and NONE of them are suiting me.  I've let thoughts of doubt get to me and I think I've ruined my day and the day of a few friends who were victims of my texts/calls. I've purposely not spoken to DH today as to not yell at him. We are supposed to be BDing every night and I hate BDing when I'm angry.  I also can't stand the thought of DH saying the above words to me when I fly off the handle over things I obsess on.  I don't need a lecture. I need a box of tissues and a padded room.

It all started when I went over my u/s in my mind. Over and over again. I keyed in on the comment my RE made about my lining being on the "thin side."  I took that comment and within an hour convinced myself that I will not conceive this month because my lining will be way too thin. And there you have it folks. A demonstration of how a small seed of doubt can ruin the whole garden of hope.

5.8mm on CD13.  I still have time before I O (probably a good 3 days or so), but why couldn't it have been 6.5 or even just 6?  If it's not a big deal, why did my RE even say anything about it being thin? Is he trying to break it to me that things aren't looking good, but didn't want to rule out my chances just yet?  How is it that I am transfixed by a few words that he said during an otherwise very good visit? Am I crazy?

Don't answer that...


  1. Baby aspirin to the rescue! Borderline thin linings will NOT slow us down!!! <3

  2. Borderline thin linings be damned! :)

  3. Aub- I think your lining will thicken in the next few days. A 7 is considered good, so you werent far off. Ive heard that a 5 can sustain a pregnancy, though I cant find that as I search online to reassure you. Eating healthy can help with thickening up your lining too. Dont count yourself out yet. You should have another scan before O right? When u get a + opk? (hugs)

  4. Travica - Yes, I will wait for a positive opk and then go in for the post-coital. I'm sure I will get her to take another peak at everything to make sure it's all progressing nicely. Thanks for the encouragement! :) Sometimes I just need to get the negatives out!

  5. Aww, hang in there my dear! Those hormones are a rollercoaster! I'm sure your lining will beef up before you O. Lots of luck!!