Thursday, January 13, 2011

the results are in

The nurse from my RE's office called with the results of DH's semen analysis.  They are as follows:

Count: 14.9 million/mL (Normal is 20 million/mL)

Motility:  46.2% (Normal is 50% or more)

Morphology:  There were no morphology results and the nurse was waiting for the lab to call her back and explain why.

Antisperm Antibody:  48% tested positive for Direct IGG antibodies
                                 58.8% tested positive for Direct IGA antibodies
                                 0% tested positive for Indirect IGG and IGA antibodies

We will never conceive a child naturally. We have an appointment Monday afternoon to discuss the results and our options option. IVF with ICSI.

I am numb.

I am angry.

I have never felt more regret than I do right now.  We should have never been so stupid to think that a vasectomy reversal would mean that we could have a child.


  1. You will not conceive THIS child naturally. Please don't take for granted the 2 babies that were given to you without struggle. So sorry for this news for you. And, I know you know, I've never conceived a child naturally and the process may be long, hard and emotional, but it's still worth it.

  2. I am so sorry Aub.(huge hug) You have the right to feel every emotion you are feeling right now. Is ivf something you guys are willing and can afford to do?

  3. Love you, friend. I would be numb and angry, too. But, unfortunately in the TTC world, you never know what lurks around the corner. There was really no way you could have known that the vas reversal would not equal naturally-conceived baby.

    I think the term "roll with the punches" was coined by someone trying to comfort someone else who was struggling with IF. We just have to roll with them, as much as it hurts and bruises and stings and just plain and utterly sucks.

    I know you, and I know you WILL make the best of it. Because, after all, what else can we do?


  4. I'm so very sorry :-( I was so hoping it would be better news. I can definitely understand your feelings. We are all here for you. Big hugs! I'll be praying.

  5. @Trav: We are finally coming around to the idea of doing an IVF cycle. Fortunately, DH's insurance will cover (after deductibles are met)so it can be a very affordable thing considering we meet our yearly deductible every year by late spring/early summer. It's just getting my mind around the idea that's been difficult.