Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Can we make an omelette with that egg?"

This is what DH asked my RE today when we went in for the midcycle u/s this morning.  Yes, it's true. I've got a pretty nice follie on the left side! Just one, but I was told that one is enough. It measured 20.1mm and everything else looks great. My lining is a little on the thin side, but well within normal range. Ovulation isn't expected for a few days yet, so Dr. R says that all will be fine in that department when I do "O".

I had mixed emotions about today's visit.  Part of me wanted to see two follies. I wanted to super-ovulate. I know it sounds crazy, but had there been two, I would have felt better about A) my chances in conceiving this cycle and B) that my body was working on its own.  Now I question both.  Will this be the month? Was I even ovulating before the Femara?  It's difficult not to get all down in the dumps and second guess every little detail. I probably asked Dr. R eleventy times if he was happy with everything and felt that all was up to his expectations. Eleventy times back, he gave me a big smile and the "thumbs up."  Now it's up to us, I guess.

He still would like for me to come in on Friday for a post-coital exam. I'm probably going to go, but I don't know how to feel about it. I've read lots of forums where people are saying that theirs came back bad, but they ended up getting pregnant that very cycle. Some people get great reports from it, but have yet to get their bfp.  A lot of doctors don't place much value on them, where others do. AGH!! What to think? What to think?  If it comes back bad, I'm probably going to go off the deep end, for real.  My mind will say, "One egg?  Hostile CM?  Good luck with that one, loser!"      *Big sigh*

To answer Josh's question about the omelette, Dr. R just laughed and said, "Absolutely. Make a baby omelette with that thing."

Here's hoping!!!


  1. Enjoy bding. Did the Re expect you to have more than one egg or is that fairly commen? Sorry to ask,but I will be going down this road next month so I want as much info as I can get. My re is leaning toward clomid I think. I hope you get your lil Omelette:)

  2. I know what you mean about wanting more eggies. I have seen it work for people who only had 1, and seen it fail for people who had 4. I really hope you catch the eggie!!!

    I was never recommended to do the post-coital test. I am curious about it though. Good luck to you!

  3. I would anticipate that having more than one follicle would be very unlikely considering your dose. I'm also wondering if your RE was expecting more? AND just because there was only one doesn't mean a thing! Each time we did Clomid - the first time around (so 3 round) - there was only ever one follicle. I think you should be optimistic that you had such a positive result that a lot of people don't get with fermera! Praying for you!

  4. Trav - I don't think he expected more. I believe he said his hopes were for one good follicle. That's why I think he's pleased.

    I did a little researching and it looks like my follie will be pretty big come O time. Around 28mm if it stays on the track that it is now. I'm not expecting to O until around CD 17, so it still has some growing to do!

    Thanks for all your support, girls!