Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Teacher's Pet and IVF Calendar of Events!! Ooh and an Announcement!

Last night, DH and I went to IVF class and let me just say, that place was PACKED! "Helloo fellow Infertiles!!" I wanted to yell as we entered class, but something told me not everyone was in a joking mood. So we copped a squat in the back of the room and the powerpoint presentation quickly got underway. Within five minutes, my hand went up. I questioned. She answered. Five minutes later, up with the hand. Question/answer. And again. And again. And again. Before we took our five minute break, I had as many questions under my belt. Aub = 5, rest of the class = 0. During the break, DH told me to knock it off with the questions. I rolled my eyes and went straight to the nurse with seven more. They also took our picture with our spouses to put in our file. I thought that was nice. She said they keep a pic of people to remember which two go together and because they like to envision a face with the voice on the line. I thought that was cool. Props to them.  Session two of class started with a slide presentation on the ER and ET procedures. I asked eleven more questions. DH looked like he was going to explode. At one point, he tried to put my hand down.  Whatevs.  By the time it was all over, Aub = 23, IVF Class = 0. Afterward, the nurse thanked me SEVERAL times for asking questions. *pats self on back*

This morning, I had my uterus mapped and IVF blood work drawn.  Dr. Awesome RE said my uterus was "gorgeous" (have I mentioned I LOVE HIM?!!!) and he patted me on the back and sent me across the hall to the Fertility Institute to get my blood work and order my meds. I also got my dates!! It just made it all so real! My meds are Lupron, Follistim, Menopur, Ovedril, and Progesterone in Oil.  I start Lupron on 2/12. I have a suppression check on 2/28. Then I start stims. I continue the Lupron, but then add Follistim (for three days) and Menopur (for nine days.) During that time, I'll have u/s every other day to monitor folly growth.  Then sometime on the 12th of March, I'll trigger with the Ovidrel.  ER on 3/14 (Progesterone in Oil injections starting that day) and ET on 3/19.  Pregnant on 3/19!! I am so excited and blessed and ready for this experience!!

By way of an announcement, I "outed" myself on Facebook as being infertile and I had a wonderful response! 13 beautiful expressions of support and one private message from a person I suspected had dealt with IF offering me her number and any support she could give. It was a great decision to make.  If anything, I want others to know that we are out there and that we struggle and we are survivors and we are strong.  I am so happy I spoke up!


  1. Good for you for asking questions. I would have too. I have to know it all. Way to go by putting it out there on fb! That takes courage. I'll look you up on there and send a request. I have to see what people said,if thats ok with you! Whoohoo Im excited for you!!

  2. actually if you can find me under Kara's page please

  3. Isn't it refreshing to out yourself on facebook? I found it to be quite liberating!

    PS. I gave your blog an award. Check out my blog for info!

  4. Aub,

    1st, thanks for stopping by and taking an interest! It took a bit of detective work to find your blog (unless I am completely blind- which can be a case, as I am very tired), but I didn't see your blog mentioned in your profile.

    Just wanted to say that we are also going to be stimming some time in March (we are not going to go through suppression this time around), and it is so nice to find a person who will be going through the same thing at the same time.

    I would give you a medal for bravery on putting your infertility struggles on face book. Did you trim your friends list before then? I can only feel myself totally free and honest when I am on my blog and on my ivf forum, as none of the people know me in real life. Very limited number of people know that we are trying and having problems, as DH and I are both kind of introverted people. That's why you are very brave in my eyes.

    Good luck with your cycle and I'll be following you too!!!

  5. Hee. I love the teacher' pet comment. There are a lot of complicated things going on with IVF - good for you for asking. Good luck with your cycle!

  6. Stopping over from ICLW...good for you for not being afraid to ask questions. Maybe the other people in the class should wake up! Even though I am a new follower to your blog I am just so excited for you and the possibilities in these next few months. I am so impressed that you 'outed' yourself on Facebook. That takes a lot of courage! Best wishes to you...I love connecting with people through ICLW.
    ~Sara #152