Friday, April 1, 2011

Beta # 3 (No April Fool's Joke, Either!)

My beta is 140 today. It doubled and then some.  My friend Kara informed me that the doubling time was 40.85 hours.

I honestly don't know what to think.

I am going back in on Tuesday for another beta.  If it doubles then, I can wait until the 14th or 15th for my ultrasound.

Still so many worries. My nurses are "optimistic". I feel like I should be, too. I just feel unconvinced right now that this will end in a baby.  My bleeding is the same.

My thoughts are all over the place. Apologies.


  1. Well that's good news!

    I hope that this weekend you are able to find some peace while you wait. I know it isn't easy.

  2. Aside from the bleeding, everything is going perfectly! Keep reminding yourself that. :hugs:

  3. That's great news!!

    Best wishes for Tuesday.

    FX! =)

  4. Wow! That's amazing. I wonder why the bleeding? I so hope things work out! Praying for you. Stay positive!

  5. that is awesome!! are you not getting an 8 week ultrasound?

    hoping for the best!

  6. If the nurses are optimistic, and your betas are doubling, then it seems like the bleeding might be from implanting, or just a fluke? If it were anything else, I'd imagine they would have noticed it change on the bloodwork. I'll be thinking about you Tuesday!

  7. I'm feeling optimistic for you too!

  8. Mel - Ultrasound will be after 6 weeks 2 days gestation. I will hit that mark on Wednesday, April 13th. I imagine my appointment will be on the 14th or 15th.

    Lauren - I have been researching it more and more and a lot of women bleed with IVF pregnancies because of the amount of hormones they are on during stimming. I mean, my E2 at my last follie check was 2176, so I imagine that's ten times the amount the average woman has in their system around ovulation. It's insane. This whole process? An education. :)

  9. Aub, I am so happy that your beta is doubling!!! A friend of my SIL was bleeding heavily at the beginning of her IVF pregnancy, but gave birth to a healthy boy who is now the best friend of my nephew.
    As you said, there are many reasons for bleeding, including your uterus stretching to accommodate the baby.
    Hopefully your doctor will be able to figure out the cause of the bleeding.
    Good luck!!!

  10. OMG, that is so awesome!!! I am staying so very hopeful for you, sweetie!! I hope the bleeding stops! HUGS

  11. Cliche alert - but what a rollercoaster. Hoping and praying that the blood is nothing to be concerned about!