Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Le Sigh

I hate Thursdays.

For the record, I realize it's Wednesday, but I hate Thursdays and Thursday is tomorrow and I probably won't blog tomorrow, so I'll just say it now - I hate Thursdays.

You see, each Thursday I would have turned another week pregnant. This week's Thursday, also known as "tomorrow", I would have been ten weeks pregnant. Two weeks from proclaiming to the world that we are were happily expecting. Now each passing Thursday propels me one week closer to an unfulfilled due date. Figures. Stupid Thursday. Not cool enough to be "hump day" and not fun enough to be celebrated as the day ushering in the weekend.

There is a whole Facebook page dedicated to the hatred of Thursdays. I will most likely be joining it.


  1. Was just thinking about you today and wondering how you're doing :) Yep, Thursday sounds sucky... must be hard to get past that reminder. My hubby calls Thursday "little Friday", kind of sweet, and brings you a bit closer to the weekend.

  2. Hugs. Im sorry Thursdays are a reminder.

  3. I'm so sorry. I totally understand. I had marked all my weeks on my calendar when I found out I was prego. But I decided this was a bad move when they told me I have a 90% chance of losing this baby. I'm still holding out for hope. But I can see why you would hate Thursdays, just like I may hate Mondays. Not that I was ever a big fan of Mondays to begin with.

  4. I hate Thursdays too. This week's Thursday would have been 37 weeks.