Sunday, December 26, 2010

CD One

No big revelation as to what this post will be about. The title most certainly gives it away.  I find myself staring down the barrel of another cycle as AF decided to make her grand appearance on Christmas Eve. In the fitting room. At Gap. Yay me.

Gap worker- "How are those jeans working out for you?"

Me- "Do you have a tampon?"

Yep. That's how it went down in one of the ugliest AF showdowns (or show ups?) in recent history.  I'm just happy she came, being that I had expected her since Monday.  Which begs the question, "Why weren't you prepared for her arrival?"  I can only say, "Wishful thinking" in response. It was a break cycle and the good thing about them is they carry no expectations. It would have been nice to have made a little baby down in the Bahamas, but the quality of the BDing was sub par and DH knows this as I have reminded him several times.  How cool, though, to call my RE's office and tell them that I no longer required their services? Ah, I digress.

Three days in and looking forward to my u/s tomorrow. Hoping for a good report and to be walking out of there with an rx for Femara in hand. I'll be starting Tuesday and taking it through Saturday. Finishing on January first. The new year.

There I go again with the hope.

We took the boys to their first (mine, too!) NBA game last night and they were thrilled (me too!).  Here's some pics from the outing I thought I'd share. The Thunder won!  Afterward, we took a drive through where my husband works and showed the boys the Christmas lights they put up there. Insane how tightly wrapped those trees are in lights! Enjoy!

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  1. Love the pics! Those Christmas lights are amazing :)